Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, you know that your home needs to be a safe and secure place. Here you live and work, eat and sleep, and likely store the majority of your belongings and valuables. You may feel that your property is unlikely to ever be the target of a robbery, but this is actually one of the most common types of crime throughout Australia. Recent statistics from September 2015 report that there were approximately 32,000 incidences of breaking and entering in dwellings in NSW, over a period of 24 months.

The oft-repeated refrain “it won’t happen to me” is unfortunately a common myth regarding home security. There are many notions that Australians mistakenly believe about their level of safety and what constitutes security. Today we bust 5 common myths about home security.

1: Who needs security? Just get a dog.

Having a canine friend can certainly make you feel safer. And certain dog breeds do indeed make excellent watchdogs and protectors. But is a dog a major deterrent when it comes to criminals entering your home? The truth is, a dog is not enough to keep your home secure. Dogs are loyal, smart creatures, but all animals can be unpredictable. Trusting your dog for your sole security system is a poor substitute for the real thing. Dogs are prone to falling asleep, may react to false alarms, and don’t offer the reliable barriers to entry as more sophisticated means.

2: A thief wouldn’t want anything in my home.

Residents often think that their belongings aren’t “worth anything” or that they don’t own items of value. Unlike what you see in films, thieves aren’t only after fine jewelry and rare works of art. In fact, most robberies center around electronics and other common items. Your mobile phone, flat screen TV, and your laptop are very attractive to a home invader looking to snatch items that can be resold.

3: My neighbourhood is 100% safe.

A reputation for safety is an important aspect in a neighbourhood. Many families especially choose to live in areas with low crime rates. This provides not only peace of mind, but lowers the potential risk for breaking and entering. But 100% safety is a myth. Even living in the most secure of neighbourhoods is meaningless if you haven’t taken the proper precautions to protect your home itself. And criminals often target typically “safe” neighbourhoods because the residents’ guards are often down. Selecting a reputable area to live is a smart move, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Be sure your home is outfitted with the right equipment and technology.

4: Most robberies happen in the middle of the night.

Homeowners and renters commonly feel safer during the day. The cover of night is believed to be the prime time for thieves to do their dirty work. While many incidents do take place after dark, a significant portion actually take place during the day. In daytime, cunning robbers can enter your home disguised as tradies, maintenance workers, or even delivery drivers. Make sure your house is at its safest by taking the same precautions during the day that you would in the evenings.

5: A security system sticker is an effective deterrent.

“Security systems are expensive.” Have you heard this before? Some residents believe that the cost of proper security is too great, but that instead, placing a security sticker on their exterior windows can “fool” potential thieves into staying away. This is also a myth. While this can be helpful to a certain point, if a break-in does occur, you are out of luck. You won’t have the fast and effective response you’d get with a professional security system. In short, it isn’t worth the risk.

The good news is, you can protect your home. Taking the right home security measures are vital to ensuring your safety and the proper care of your belongings. For the best in Shoalhaven security, contact our team at Armitage Security today.