Every business, big or small, needs to be able to control who comes and goes from the building. If you are still using a keyed system your business could be at risk. And the longer your business has been in operation, the more at risk it is. Think of all the former employees, cleaners or contractors who might still have a key. Access control is far more secure as a pre-activated pin, swipe card or fob is required to gain access. Access can also be deactivated within seconds giving you complete control over who is coming and going from your business. 

Benefits Of Access Control

The most obvious benefit of having an access control system is stopping unauthorised persons from entering the premises. There are also other benefits you may not have considered including:

  • monitor who is inside the building 
  • control who can access different sections of the building (including visitors or contractors etc)
  • manage individual user permissions
  • set specific times when access will be granted
  • convenience – one swipe card or fob is all that’s needed
  • quickly remove access when an employee leaves or is terminated

Access control gives you an added layer of regulation, so employees with restricted access will not be able to enter areas where they have not been given authorisation. Access control isn’t just for external doors; access control can be installed on cupboards, cabinets, gates and storerooms.

Types Of Access Control Systems

Access Control is the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect your business from unauthorised entry. Here are some of the systems currently on the market:

  • mobile phone controlled access control systems
  • proximity systems  – requires pre-programmed swipe card, fob or tag
  • keypads and wireless keypads

For more information about commercial access control systems or other security options for your business, get in touch with the experienced security professionals at Armitage Security.