At Armitage Security, experience has shown us that the safest, most secure properties are those that have total security systems in place. With a range of options for your home, including IP surveillance, alarm systems, and more, you can completely outfit your property for the highest level of protection.

This is ideal, but even with such measures, you can always go one step further. To maximise the security on your home, there are many DIY methods to making your home even safer. Here’s a few ideas to be sure you’re home has armed its best defenses against break-ins and theft.

Exterior Illumination is Key

Outside lights are very important. A well-lit home is unappealing to thieves, who would often prefer to move under the cover of darkness. Motion sensors make lighting even more effective, as these can alert you (or your family watchdog) to the presence of movement outside your home. Be sure your lights are in top condition and that in particular, your entrances to the home are well-lit.

Keep Bushes and Trees Trimmed

A tempting exterior situation is a low window partially obscured by tall, thick shrubbery. A potential thief can easily hide in these areas, giving them greater access (and time) to attempt a break-in. Make sure to regularly trim back your foliage, allowing a clear view of all windows and doors.

Add Reinforcement Locks to Upper Windows

Surprisingly, many robberies take place through upstairs windows. These are often less likely to be as secure, but a thief won’t think twice about using a well-placed ledge or tree to access your second storey. Give these windows as much attention as your first floor entrances, ensuring your home is a fortress.

Don’t Put Out Obvious Trash

You are probably really excited about your brand new iPad. As you race to unwrap it and toss the box aside, stop for a moment and consider how to dispose of the box. Very clever thieves often check recycling bins to see what recent purchases may have been made. Instead of placing these boxes right out front, consider taking them elsewhere for disposal.

Get a Big Scary Dog

This certainly isn’t foolproof, but a big dog, or even a little one with a vicious bark, can give you a real sense of safety. The noise itself can act as a good deterrent for burglars, and the keen ears of your pet can serve as a first response alert if there happens to be movement outside. But be warned, some dogs will bark at anything!

At Armitage Security, your safety is our top priority. We are anxious to help you ensure your home or business property is its most secure. Call us today and we can discuss our many options, suited to a range of budgets and needs. With plenty of experience, and the highest level of service, we aim to be the Shoalhaven security team you can depend on.