2022 is our year for Medicall

Medicall is the key to independent living! These personal alarm systems are designed to help people that struggle to live alone and provide peace of mind when it comes to living independently.

If you live on your own with a medical condition, are prone to falling over, or just want that peace of mind knowing help is always at your fingertips, having a Medicall pendant is vital to keeping you safe.

How Medicall Works

Medicall alarms are wearable panic buttons that stay on 24/7. It is a pendant bracelet that will send a signal notifying the authorities that you need assistance if a fall or other emergency occurs.

If you live with or care for an older loved one or a person with a disability, limited mobility, or another medical concern, a medical safety device will provide you with peace of mind and give your loved ones the ability to live their life while knowing there is help if needed.

Advantages of the Medicall System

Listen to Matt talk about all the advantages of a Medicall system and how Armitage Security can help you keep your loved ones safe.

Interested in installing a Medicall system in your home or the home of a loved one? Contact Armitage Security to arrange a free in-home demonstration. We will talk you through the Medicall system and explain the various options, all without any obligation to purchase.