The following blog post is a summary of the information contained within the Home Safe brochure, a NSW Police Force publication.

Most break-ins are preventable, so armed with the right information, it easy for the homeowner to better protect their family and possessions from break and enter crimes. In this post we will look at the best way to assess the level of security that currently exists at your home, and what measures you can implement to better secure your home.

Door Locks and Window Locks

Security checklist questions for doors and windows include:

  • Do all windows and doors (including the garage) have quality locks fitted?
  • Are external doors well made and in good condition?
  • Is there a door viewer installed?
  • Do you have a security screen door fitted?

If you answer no to some or all of these questions, it is easy, and relatively inexpensive, to make some improvements. Lock sets for windows can be purchased for not a great deal of money and can greatly reduce your chances of being burgled. If you are unsure about what locks are the most suitable for your home, contact a local locksmith for advice.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a good deterrent for potential thieves. If intruders do decide to enter your property, there is a much greater chance of them being seen by neighbours or passers-by if you have motion sensor lights. Checklist questions include:

  • Do you have security lights around the entry and exit points of your home?
  • Are your security lights projected outwards (towards fences, paths and the driveway, for example)
  • Are all the street lights in your area working?

Again, security lights are not expensive to purchase from hardware stores and you can report broken streetlights to your local council.

Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems, particularly monitored alarm systems, are undoubtedly the most effective way of preventing break ins.If you already have an alarm installed, assess the following:

  • Do you activate your alarm regularly?
  • Does your alarm meet Australian Standards?
  • Do you remember to set your alarm when you leave the house for extended periods?
  • Do you use your home alarm system to monitor rooms or zones that aren’t being used?

Did you know that you can install a home alarm system for $19 a week? Talk to Armitage Security about what type of alarm system will best suit your home and security needs. We have a range of finance options to make securing your home more affordable.