Move valuables away from windows.

Do you own valuable antiques or meaningful or expensive items? If these are typically displayed near a window or within easy sight from outside, you might consider moving these to a spot out of view. This can keep tempting belongings away from prying eyes. Another good rule of thumb is to keep your curtains as you normally have them. It can be more noticeable when all curtains are tightly drawn for a week then if they appear as they normally do.

Check, double check, and triple check your locks.

When you’re headed out the door to catch that plane or get on the road, it is far too easy to forget the simple things. Before leaving your home, have everyone in your family check all the windows, doors, and other potential entry points of your home. Ensuring these are locked helps you feel confident in the security of your home while you are gone, and definitely prevents a simple walk-in theft from taking place.

Trust your outstanding security system.

The above measures are a wonderful option, but for a truly secure home, a comprehensive electronic security system can’t be beat. With alarms that will let the whole neighbourhood know there’s been a break-in, and systems that automatically contact authorities, robbers are more likely to be deterred from attempting to enter your home.

For more details on fully securing your property, contact our team at Armitage Security today. Let’s get your home safe and secure, and get you and your family headed off on your stress-free holiday!