Did you know that it is much more difficult for security system installation after a home is built? it is also more expensive, so if you’re about to start building (or even thinking about building), security system installation should be art of the planning process.

Security System Installation During Build: Key Benefits

Known as pre-wiring it is always best to install a home alarm system during the building process. The main alarm system needs to be wired to all the other components as well as power, telephone and data points. Not convinced? Consider the following:

  • It is much easier to drill holes when the framing is exposed (before plasterboard)
  • Electricians can complete everything at once saving you money on labour
  • You can wire for upgrades you may want in the future
  • A neater finish can be achieved (especially when there’s limited space under the roof)
  • You have the option to install a camera system at the same time

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Install During Build & Save

Matthew from Armitage Security talks you through the benefits of installing a security system during the building process.

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