Just like most things around the house, your home security system also needs regular maintenance. Similar to servicing a car, regular maintenance of your security system is designed to prevent inconvenient breakdowns and/or expensive repairs. Follow these maintenance tips to ensure your home security system remains functioning correctly and does its job of protecting your home.

Security System Maintenance Tips

Perform A Perimeter Check  

Every week or so take a walk around your property and inspect your window locks, door locks and the surrounding frames for damage. At the same time examine your lights and make sure they are all working and readjust the alignment if necessary. The positioning of your security cameras will also need checking, as well as the recording function.

Test The Control Panel

As the name suggests, the control panel is the command centre of your security system. Run the test mode as often as your user manual recommends and make sure it is kept clean and away from damp. Contact the security company who installed the system if you notice any problems. If you have a monitoring company, let them know you will be running the test mode!

Ask For An Inspection

If you don’t like to self-diagnose, you can request a security system maintenance check from your local security company. A security professional will be able to identify any problems and make the necessary adjustments or repairs.

Shoalhaven Security System Checks

If you’re in Nowra, or any part of the surrounding Shoalhaven, and need advice on your security system, get in touch with Armitage Security. We are familiar with all the leading brands and can install, service and repair as required.